Saturday, September 18, 2010

jimmy wisdom

My sister Emily has inspired me to be better about writing down all the funny things Jimmy says and tells me.  My goal is just to do quick posts whenever they happen so that I don't forget.  I have already forgotten so many.  There was one just yesterday, that I already forget. I will be better! Here is a start:

"Mommy, pee is for peas and peepee and poo is for Winnie-the-Pooh and poopoo." 
He sure is smart.

Also after hearing my tummy rumble one night at dinner and looking confused, I asked him, "What was that noise?"  
He said, "It sounded like the coffee maker."-- knowing that at dinner time that was simply ridiculous.  
Then I said, "I think it came from my belly."  
He then told me with a big goofy smile, "I think Fred just pootered."  
(Fred is what we refer to the Fetus in my belly as.  Pooter is passing gas.)
I, of course, laughed too and he was so proud of how funny he was.  
I have not been a responsible mother when it comes to not laughing about bodily functions. 
Oh, well.

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  1. what does it say about us that we both posted about poop on the same day. i blame dad...