Sunday, September 26, 2010

buzz and chip

So one day quite awhile back, Finn called Jimmy "Chip" out of nowhere.  He thought he was quite funny and kept telling everyone, "I called Jimmy, Chip!"  It stuck for a little while mostly because his mom thought it was cute and encouraged him.  Emily and I decided we should come up with a funny nickname for Jimmy to call Finn.  We thought "Buzz" was appropriate since Finn's hair is often buzzed short by his dad and since both boys are fans of Buzz Lightyear (however, both prefer Woody) and it seemed fun for them to both be named after Disney Characters.  Unbeknownst to the boys, the names actually came from the two cute boys in the movie "Shag" which my sisters and I have loved since childhood.  "Buzz" didn't stick much as Finn's nickname and then eventually "Chip" faded out too.  Emily and I have tried to bring them back, but to no avail so far.  We won't give up and even if they don't call each other by these names we may continue to do so.  Mostly, we are just happy that they are finally getting along better.  
I found them hiding in Emily's shower one night playing some kind of game with a wiffle ball.
Reading With Baabaa.
Reading Wtith Mimi.
Here they are smiling and getting along..
Until shortly after I believe they started fighting about whether to knock the Lincoln Logs down or leave them set up.  At least they looked cute and happy in the picture.
I used to fight with my best friend all the time, but we made it through so there is still hope for these two.

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  1. Cousins really are the best! Hope you are feeling good, Mary!!!