Tuesday, June 1, 2010

zoo with aunt nat

Zach's sister Natalie drove to Phoenix on her way to Hawaii so we tried to show her around a bit. We went to the Phoenix Zoo one day with the Burch's and a bunch of my mom's group friends. Sorry for the picture overload, but I just couldn't decide which ones to get rid of.

He didn't sing though so I was disappointed.
Being Dragons:
I kind of want my next baby to be an orangoutang.
I love these monkeys so I take a million pictures of them every time we go.
They literally run right next to you! It is amazing.
Jimmy was all about being in the double stroller with Finn and would only allow Emily to push them. He gets his mind very set on how things should be. Don't try messing with his plans, let me tell you!
These are the new baby zebras. I should have gotten a good picture of them next to the big ones, but they are already getting pretty big and I think they are only a month old.
Margaret Paul (my friend Suzanne's baby) was being freakin' adorable at the splash pad. She just kept laughing and clapping her hands and loving it. She was not afraid of the water at all... unlike a lot of her much older peers.
Jimmy is still all about it too.
Then we ended up our morning on the carousel.
Here are Rheannon and her kids (and Lucy who of course wanted to sit by Maddie once she finally got up the courage to be her friend).
Finn and Emily (on the crocodile, of course)
Carmen and Leah
Jimmy and Zach... Jimmy calls this animal a Pa-noceros.
Oh, look I was at the zoo too!
Horray Cousins! Horray Zoo!

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