Thursday, June 24, 2010

fishing with baabee

Jimmy had been asking to go fishing recently. I am not really sure where he got the idea, but it must be from a book he read or something. I don't know if he really understood what it was, but he was excited about it and our first fishing adventure was successful. I told him Baabee (my dad, actually named Bill... long story) would take us and teach him. We just went to Steele Indian School Park where they have a little pond that is stocked with fish. I was worried once we got there that if we didn't catch anything the whole trip would be a bust, but we ended up catching (and releasing) two fish. It was a nice morning and it was good to wake up early and enjoy being outside before the heat of the day sinks in.

WORMS! (Probably Jimmy's favorite part)
I realize I over did it on the pictures this time, but I felt like I needed them all to tell the full story.
(And I do this for me most of all anyway right?)
Here is where Zach and Jimmy caught the first one.
He was pretty excited!
... and then scared so he ran far away from it.
But he came back around.
The ducks were pretty entertaining as well.
Here Baabee and Jimmy catch the second one.
Thanks Dad. We had fun and we will have to try again soon. Hopefully we can fit a camping trip in this summer. We need to put you fishing licenses to good use.

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