Thursday, June 17, 2010

happy 4th and 75th anniversary

Four years ago today I got to marry this cute guy:
He is a wonderful father and husband and I thank my lucky stars for him.
It was a really amazing and blessed day and I wouldn't change one bit of it.
It was a really fun party too...
Also Happy 75th to my late grandparents Don and Helen Woods (aka Pop and Mame).
They got married in the depression and this is the only picture they got to take on their wedding day. I love that I have hundreds to remember our day, but realizing that this was their only one, makes me appreciate mine even more. I guess we get a little spoiled these days and the "recession" that we are living with will never compare to what they went through. They used to have to choose whether they spent money on breakfast and had to walk to work all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge on a freezing cold morning or taking the subway and being hungry. I think it made them such stronger people and taught them to value money in a way so few do today. They both taught me so much and were such a strong example of marriage to me. They taught me that a marriage is hard work, but if you really care you can make it work forever. We would all laugh when they would bicker because Pop would swear and Mame would say, "Oh, Don!" But we never doubted their true love for each other. When they would drive together, my grandma would sit in the middle front sit just to be next to him. They would still hold hands all the time and their entire married life they snuggled up in a full size bed! Mame and Pop I miss you both so much and am honored to have been married on the same day as you. You two are what Zach and I strive to be.


  1. Happy Anniversary you two!! We'll miss you next weekend!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Mary and Zach! Your wedding was a wonderful day and I remember it fondly. Miss you guys!

  3. Aw, what a great post, Mary! Congrats to you and Zach!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Yeah for fruits and flowers (according to!

  5. I love Mame's dress.
    To many more

  6. Hey hey! I remember that! Happy Anniversary!

  7. aaahhh, what a cute post. hope you guys had a fantastic anniversary!