Saturday, June 26, 2010

best present ever!

I usually get mad at Zach when he comes home from Costco because he buys all sorts of things I think we don't need, but he won me over with this one:

Oh, he does love me and know me so well. It made me day... well a lot of days actually. I think I have eaten a disgusting amount, but as it says right on the front of the box "Always Fat Free" so they aren't even bad for me right? I can't even blame my pregnancy for this one. This addiction goes way back. And don't even get me started about how much better they are then Twizzlers...

Anyway, while on the subject of Red Vines, here is a funny story that my brother reminded me of recently. He has the crazy friend named Patrick who he has known since grade school. He used to invite himself over to our house a lot and we have lots of funny stories about him. We all just laugh and say, "Oh, Patrick!" Well, one time we had one of these buckets, and Patrick took a bit out of every Red Vine in the box and then faced the eaten end to the bottom so that every time someone (namely me I am sure) took a Red Vine out it would already be partly eaten. He thought he was hilarious and well, I have to give him some credit, it is kind of a brilliant idea. After hearing this story, Zach said that I later went through the bucket cutting off all the eaten edges and saying, "These are still good! I am not letting them go to waste!" He does know me well.

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  1. oh, patrick... kind of like the time he ate all the marshmallows out of the box of lucky charms....