Sunday, June 6, 2010

camelback hike

When Natalie was in town we took her for a hike in Echo Canyon on Camelback Mountain with Aunt Erin. This was Zach's first time to go there as well, and Jimmy's second hike ever. It is Jimmy's "favorite mountain" so he was pretty excited about it and, of course, still wanted to do most of it himself. However, this time he didn't really fall down much and was much better about holding our hands when needed, so at least he is learning. We just did a short trail that isn't very steep and was mostly still in the shade the time of morning we went, so it was a nice outing for all of us. My pregnant body appreciated the excercise (since it normally gets very little). If it wasn't starting to get so hot already, I would go back again soon.

From inside "The Cave"
I used to love this spot as a kid, but I hadn't been in forever. It is so much a cave as it is a large indentation in the side of the mountain. But it was shady, so that was nice.
The view of Squaw Peak
Jimmy loves Saguaros.
All done!


  1. It was a fun day. Great photos Mary!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that John Lynch found your blog (via the Rowles's blog--which I found via Leslie & John's...who knew that everybody's bloggin' these days?). Anyways, Jimmy is one cute boy. Also, I love the name Jimmy (it was high on our list, especially mine). Nicely done...

    Drop me a line sometime to catch up: