Tuesday, January 28, 2014

erin's birthday which also happened to be thanksgiving

Every so often my sister Erin's birthday falls on Thanksgiving.   The nicest part about this is that she usually comes to town that week so we get to celebrate with her.  Since hers is one of the most important birthdays ever, we try not to let that gluttonous American holiday overshadow it.  However, it is a good thing Erin requested turkey and all the trimmings for her birthday meal or we may have had come conflicts.  We decided to throw her a little pre-party the night before with her favorite pizza and such.  Nora tried to eat the presents, but Erin was a good sport about it.
The kids made some little acorn treat/crafts that we saw on Pinterest.  
Not exactly a Pintrocity, but I don't think we will be featured on Martha Stewart or anything.
 Since Erin's only desert request was ice cream, we got creative with where to put her candle.  
Lucy and I made a letter E out of our acorn supplies. You can barely see it here, but your aren't missing much. It was the thought that counts.
 What a bunch of crazy people...
 Erin also brought her dog Pippa who was loved by all.  
Even if she is blurry in the picture you can still tell that she is one cute dog.
She may have even stolen Erin's thunder a bit, but Erin put her in her place when needed.  
 The next day was time for the big feast! (Erin is a little demanding on how much food we needed to make for her party, but I guess you get what you want if it is your birthday and you are a first born child)
 The boys were so excited to help
 Their favorite part of the day was probably playing with Pippa and Aunt Erin in the yard. What a good Aunt.
  Nora wasn't quite as active as her brothers and opted for watching football with the old men.
She is so lazy.
 Gus enjoyed some olives to help tide him over until dinner.
 When it was finally done, we squeezed Nora into this onesie (ok it pretty much fit despite that it is for a newborn) so we could do our traditional Baby and Turkey picture.  Check Jimmy's here and Gus' here.
 Erin also demanded a "Pilgrim and Indian" theme party so Jimmy helped make some costumes.
He also got very into character
 And then he got back out of character.  I doubt there were any pilgrims this goofy...
 Then we enjoyed our Erin feast. It was delicious and we all got stuffed.
 Later that night some of our friends and Zach's co-workers came over for pie and Settlers of Catan.
Jimmy was so proud of the "Thankerchief" he made at school.  It was pretty cute.  He taught us to pass it around and sing a song that goes like this:
 "Thankerchief, Thankerchief, round you go.  
Where you stop we do not know.  
But when you do, 
Someone will say, 
What they are thankful for today."
You get the idea.  It was a hit and I think we are going to have to make it a family tradition.
I am thankful for so much! Thank you God for all the wonderful people in my life and my many blessings. 


  1. That was all so sweet and so funny and I loved it. That family shot on my pre-birthday night is so good! If only you and Danny were in it, it would be perfect. Love you.

  2. Well, I pretty much wrote it for the express purpose of making you laugh.