Thursday, January 30, 2014

the calm before the storm

Thanksgiving is the one break from school that Zach actually has no extra work to do so it is kind of nice that we just get to enjoy all being home together.  It would be fun to travel and see family, but I also love having one holiday that seems nice and laid back.  The weather was beautiful and Aunt Angie decided to drive over from California for a few days.
Jimmy had gotten a very fun dinosaur book at his school library before break that was filled with tons of dinosaur crafts, games, and activities.  He wanted to do them all.  Luckily his Aunt Erin is a better sport then his mom because he convinced her to help him make this:
We made a giant roadmap on the driveway and put our bikes to good use.
There were lots of stop signs and rules, but Dad didn't like to follow them.
I drew a Piston Cup track for Gus and he was happy for quite awhile.
Then the relaxing was over and it was time to enter the month of December...

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