Wednesday, January 22, 2014

jimmy's 6th birthday

It is rough waking up after a late night of trick-or-treating unless, of course, it happens to be your birthday.  Jimmy was up earlier than usual and dressed and ready to open his "morning present" as he now calls it.  We had to wake Gus to witness the present opening.  Jimmy was very pleased with his Hobbit Lego Game, which he didn't know existed.  He always loves a good surprise.  I couldn't stop him from opening it and trying to put it together before school.
 He was also very excited to go to school because there are always special things on your birthday.  He wore a birthday ribbon and got to be line leader and such.  The class sang Happy Birthday and I brought in some snacks and Saint Medals to give to all his classmates.
 Since it also happens to be All Saints Day they went to Mass and watched all the 5th graders dress up as saints and give speeches (thanks to Mimi I got to be there for at least part of this).  The kindergarteners all made paper saints and got to present them to the class.  Jimmy was so proud of his Saint James.  He spent quite a bit of time on it and loved the fishing pole with fish attached (perhaps not the real way St. James fished, but you never know).
 After school, the Woods boys came over and played for awhile and then Finn came over as well.  Jimmy had asked why we weren't doing a big party this year and I had told him that we can't always do that.  I think having his favorite playmates over was just as good.  That evening, family and friends gathered for burgers, cake, ice cream, and presents.
He got a Playmobil from us and was showered with plenty of Legos to keep him busy for awhile (or in his case many straight hours over the course of just a few days).
 He awkwardly thanked everyone and Uncle Pete gave him a big "You're Welcome!"
 Can there really be that many candles already?
 I did brownies as requested and Jimmy and Dad made a number six out of Legos to put on top.
 Then he got right on top of the Lego building...
He is so big and so cute.  We love you Jimbo!

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