Thursday, August 15, 2013

nora's many visitors

The rest of July is kind of a blur of happiness and many visitors.  Zach's mom was here for awhile to help.  I felt like I got a lot of time at home to just hang out with Nora while Dad and Nana did things with the boys.  Life can still get surprisingly busy and it feels like it flew by, but I do feel like I was appreciating it all as much as possible.  To answer most people's question, yes I am tired, but that is not just Nora's fault.  That is just what I come to expect from life.
This third child isn't lacking for parental attention, though.
Somewhere in there Nora got her first bath which the boys insisted on helping with.
She may not be lacking attention in general, but as the third child, she for sure is bathed the least often.
We continued to put her in as many cute outfits as possible.
She even got matching dresses with Dot thanks to Lucy's insistence.
Baabee is around a lot and always happy to have some baby time with his little girls.
We were so excited for Aunt Erin and Uncle Danny to get into town.
Erin was just in for a visit, but Danny moved back from Florida and we are so happy because we missed him a ton.
As you can see, Nora is not the only one getting lots of attention.
Uncle Ty came over one night for some Nora love.
 Then Nano managed to stop in Phoenix for a few days on his annual medical trip to West Virginia.
He was obviously in love.
My cousin Lisa stopped by with her girls.
The Smecks came over one night.
And the Smeck boys were quite at home holding such a new baby.
They also were quite at home playing electric trains with my boys so they were pretty popular around here.  Please come back.
Nora is still getting tons of brotherly love all the time... probably more than she wants.
Here she is at 1 month old:
Not the best photography in the world, but at least I took one.  I guess I am not going to start one of those monthly picture series with a cute onesie for each month or a teddy bear holding a sign with the month on it.  But she will have a good baby book... or yes, she will.  I haven't started it yet or even found one that I like for that matter, but she will have an amazing baby book.  This I promise her.

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