Friday, August 2, 2013

more summer fun

Just a few more things from the early part of our summer...
We had fun doing swim lessons with a lot of friends. My boys love swimming and for that I am thankful.  Jimmy is great by himself these days. Gus still needs grown-up assistance, but he is very proud that he can get rings from the bottom of a four foot pool if you just give him a push.
Popsicles might have been the highlight of the whole experience for some others.
 On the last day of swim lessons, we treated all the kids by taking them to the "Dinosaur McDonald's" just down the rode from the pool.  
Jimmy thinks it is the coolest.
When Aunt Angie came to town we headed to the Arizona Science Center.
I had been promising Jimmy we could go and knew I better get it in before the new baby came.
A false alarm of labor the night before lit a fire under me to go despite the fact that I was not really looking forward to walking all over the museum for a few hours.  God must have been sending me a message to get things done.  As it turned out I felt really great the whole time we were there.  We had tons of fun and it ended up being my last outing with just my two boys.
 Jimmy and Gus got to see their eyes magnified in the giant telescope.
They had lots of fun with the outdoor waterworks.
 The physics room is always a favorite.
 Angie even convinced Gus to lay on the bed of nails.
 This cool screen in the technology room makes it looks like lots of colored balls are falling on you:
Angie claims that she planned the whole "walking around a museum for two hours thing" so that I would have the baby while she was in town.  Well, she did get lucky because after I woke up from an almost three hour nap after the Science Center, I started having contractions.  More to come on that story...
Here are pictures from a few other adventures that I had to miss out on thanks to the new little one (I say that like it is a bad thing, but I was happy to be at home with just my baby). Angie and Zach took the boys to see Monsters University and Zach took them to the library for a special Reptile show where they got to see all sorts of snakes and lizards.  Needless, to say they have not been lacking in attention and presents. 
More to come on the new baby...

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  1. "they haven't been lacking in a attention or presents" I always wonder if the kids realize a new baby actually does mean more attention and presents for THEM!