Monday, August 12, 2013

4th of July

We tried out some a few crafts to get patriotic this year.  
The first one was a resist painting with crayons and water color.
Both boys were able to do it and they were pretty proud of their flag.
It also served as a nice background for another Nora photoshoot.
She is a fun prop after all.
We used a few of the many toilet paper rolls I have saved to make some rockets.
 (Why can't I throw them away!  I think I might be a hoarder) 
 Since Nana was in town she helped us get started on painting our patio table.
 I wouldn't necessarily recommend letting your kids paint with oil based paint, but we just couldn't say no.  
Anyway, the clean up is worth seeing Gus like this:
 Nora was getting lots of love as usual.
 And a little more than she was comfortable with from Dot.
 In the evening we went to Mimi and Johnny's house for BBQ, night swimming, and firework watching.
 It was also a day early birthday celebration for Lucy.
 Nora didn't make it in the pool, but I put this swimsuit on her just for fun since I had it.
 And Mimi was being a little more gentle with her than Dot, although you do have to steal Nora away from both of them 
(Dot is just a little more aggressive...  seriously, she gets mad.)
A great time was had by all.  Thanks Mimi and Johnny!

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