Sunday, August 18, 2013

christmas in july

We decided to celebrate Christmas in July this year.  Last year, I let the boys get out the electric train one day in the summer and promised them I would let them do it one time every summer.  Nana told Jimmy that her girls used to watch Christmas movies one day in July, and Jimmy, obviously, loved that idea.  When Nana suggested we make a whole day of it, Jimmy really got excited.  But really I think it was when Aunt Erin got on board that the ideas really took off.  Honestly, I couldn't have done it without her help.  She and Jimmy spent a long time making a Christmas palm tree the afternoon before so that it would be ready for the big day.
First thing in the morning was snowman pancakes.
Don't be impressed.  This was a last minute improv on my part.  
I took frozen pancakes from the freezer and we had whipped cream and blueberries on hand.
(and, yes, that top pancake is pretty burnt)
 I enjoy that you can see both our "Christmas Tree" and 4th of July rockets in this one.
 They got a present in the morning which was really something Mimi had given them a long time ago that I re-wrapped since we had yet to use it.  
It is called Speedy Snow and I thought this would be an appropriate day to finally bust it out.
So it starts out like what you see above and then when you add water it turns into this:
Gus was not really digging it, but Jimmy and I thought it was fun.
Gus was far more excited to get out the electric train. 
Jimmy was excited that his favorite cousin,  Finn, got to come over for the festivities.
And as I said, I was lucky enough to have Aunt Erin over to help me with three little boys and a baby.  
She and I made sugar cookie dough with Gus because the older boys just wanted to play together.
Then after we let it chill for awhile, we let them all help cutting the dough.  We used both Christmas and other shaped cutters.
 Then we decorated:
 We had also wrapped up some random things we had around our house and all opened presents.
For example:  Finn got a McDonald's toy, Gus the last plane from a box of model airplanes that we got for Christmas, Jimmy got a puzzle, and Erin got a bag I got for free at Old Navy.  In the morning the boys had watched Rudolph and when Gus took a nap the other two watch The Grinch.  That was sort of the end of the festivities.  We didn't do a big Christmas dinner or anything.  That would be fun, but seeing as I barely cooked anything all summer, it was not likely.  I am sure my boys will want to continue this tradition so I am not really sure what I have gotten myself into, but let's hope they are okay with it staying pretty make-shift and low key.   Let's hope I am sane enough to keep it that way, too. If Aunt Erin isn't here for it next year, then we may just have to do the train and the movies and keep it at that.  I am always looking for fun ways to keep my kids happy indoors during the summer and this was a hit so I guess I better keep doing it.

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