Wednesday, August 14, 2013

blow-up pool fun

Our old kiddie pools died this year so we got a new bigger one.  Zach was pretty excited about it because he can actually fit in this one.  The boys liked that Dad could fit in it because that meant that he could play with them in it.  He invented some sort of catch game and played it with Jimmy, Gus, and Finn one day for quite a long time. They thought it was the best.
The hose is the favorite toy of choice, but does often cause some fights.
Fun was had out of the pool as well.  Nana and Nora just watched for awhile.
And wet swimsuits make the hot swing set much more tolerable. 
We dipped Nora's feet in, but she isn't ready for the full plunge.  
She does have a stylish swimsuit that she modeled for us though.
And I just love her tiny little hands so I thought I would share them.
It is nice to have an excuse to play in the yard when it is hot.  It sure helps keep my boys happy.  Nora can't stay out for too long mostly because she cringes in the sunlight (and well you shouldn't let newborns in the sun very much at all), but we don't want her to miss all the fun so we just torture her little bit.  

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