Thursday, July 19, 2012

new camera

My sweet husband decided to surprise me with my 30th Birthday present by giving it to me on our Anniversary, which was also Father's Day.  Let's just say, the breakfast-in-bed I made for him with the boys didn't quite match up to the camera I have been coveting for some time.   So he won, but he loves winning so really that was the best gift he could have gotten.  I love the new camera, but I am still learning how to use it.  For now, the Auto feature is amazing.  I have always been the annoying person with the camera, but now I will just be the annoying person with the bigger and more obvious camera.  I still have my old point and shoot, but Jimmy seems to think it is his now.  He took this picture of me with my new camera using our old one:
And I took this one of him taking that picture of me..
Mind blowing, I know.
But just for posterity here was the official first photo taken on my camera:
....And then I took thousands more.  Literally.  I am not kidding.  It has only been a month and my iPhoto is crazy full.  Summer vacations have gotten me very backlogged on the blog so expect long droughts of nothing or lots of photo dumping in the near future.  I didn't even know where to begin because I was so overwhelmed, but I just felt like putting something up today so this was it.


  1. Mary so fun!!! It appears you got the Canon Rebel! I love mine! Even after 3 years it's still as good as new. Phil also surprised me with an early christmas gift of it, sent from Afghanistan! Happy shooting!

  2. Yes, Kathleen it is a Canon Rebel which you can make out through the blur of the first picture. In retrospect, it really isn't fair to my old camera to post such a blurry one taken by a four year old right next to my new ones. But the real difference is so amazing even compared to the best pictures on my old point and shoot.

  3. If I had only known. I just took a "take your camera off auto" class. Although I think you were out of town.

  4. Well, you can just give me the class yourself now.

  5. What a great present! Happy Birthday, friend.