Monday, July 30, 2012

Independence Day in DC

We were in DC this year on the 4th of July, which is a pretty cool place to celebrate.  We didn't quite have the patience with our kids to venture to the National Mall on such an occasion, but we did go right across the river to a park where you can see the mall fireworks.
It was pretty wickedly hot when we got there in the late afternoon, so we scavenged any shade we could find.  They had some fun stuff for the kids like balloon animals and bouncy houses.  Then they had field games for adults as well.  My favorite was the Cool Down Station where you just stand under a bunch of really strong misters and fans.
But, perhaps, even better than the bouncy houses was the fact that it was right by the airport and the train tracks.  Gus was in heaven.
"Ham and Cheese" is Gus' new alternative to saying "Cheese."  
It is also what he asks to eat first thing in the morning, and then many more times throughout the day.
Eventually we moved off of the astro-turf field where the games were in favor of some real grass to watch the fireworks.
Uncle Tony, Aunt Di, and Estella joined us as well, which was fun, especially since Stella and I had matching outfits.
Oooooo...................... Ahhhhhh
Gus does a good impression of fireworks now.  They were a hit.

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  1. i love the way Gus is holding Marty's chin in the one picture. making sure he has his undivided attention.