Saturday, July 21, 2012

werner birthday party

Back in June our friends the Werners had a birthday party for all three of their kids at a Splash Pad Park.  Their birthdays are actually all in July, but they had the party so early because they are moving to Texas, sadly (note to friends in the Fort Worth area: they need some new friends!).  We are very sad they are moving especially because Jimmy and Pierce are such good buddies.  I tried to not make a big deal of it to Jimmy so he wouldn't be too sad.  I promised him we would go visit them and Jimmy drew Pierce a card with a picture of Lightening McQueen that he agonized over getting just right.  They share a special love for the Disney movie Cars... not that it is unusual for 4 year old boys to love Cars (or 1 1/2 year old boys if you are Gus).  The Werners also recently got to go to Cars Land at California Adventure, which we were so excited to hear all about because Jimmy is desperate to go.... okay, so am I.  The party was aptly themed with lots of Cars stuff.

I am pretty sure Gus is saying McQueen below which is why he looks so happy. He literally know the names of all the main Cars.  Obsessed!
I enjoyed practicing with my new camera on new little baby Emma.
The boys enjoyed taking a whack at the Pinata.
Birthday girl Maddie helped bust it open.
Jimmy learned how to scavenge.
...which was apparently pretty scary.
The broken Pinata also made nice hats.
Then Maddie, Pierce, and Avery enjoyed their combo Cars-Princess cake.
Somehow Gus managed to nab a frosting covered McQueen off of the cake so he was pretty happy.

And the cake was good, too.
Werners, we miss you already, so come back and visit soon.  Have fun in TEXAS!!!

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