Monday, July 23, 2012

day with lemieuxs

When our college friends Justin and Katie Lemieux where in town visiting family, they were nice enough to fit us into their busy schedule one day.  
We met them along with the Kerstings at the Tempe Beach Park Splash Pad.
Our kids finally got to meet the cute little Caroline.  
They played in the water for awhile, but it was pretty darn hot so we all hovered around what little shade we could find.
Then we headed to Oregano's for lunch.  
The kids loved making stuff from the pizza dough.
And Katy, since I know you might actually read this, I will say I hope you make it back here again soon! We had fun seeing you guys.
Hopefully, we can make it your way sometime, too.

Side Note: Can you tell that I haven't completely abondoned my point and shoot camera?


  1. We had such a great time seeing you guys!! We will definitely get in touch next time, whenever that may be! Great pictures!!

  2. So cute! I have just been getting caught up. Looks like you guys are having are having a wonderful summer.