Saturday, June 30, 2012

art museum with aunt erin

When Aunt Erin was in town recently, we took advantage of the Free Evening at the Phoenix Art Museum.  
Good thing Aunt Erin is always up for an adventure because the first thing we came across was a T-Rex.  

I suppose it is not good to see the coolest thing first, but Jimmy did find some cool things inside as well.
We explored the kids area where Jimmy very patiently made some artwork with Aunt Erin while I chased Gus all over the place.
Then we checked out some of the cool sculptures.
Aunt Erin actually helped make this one made of colored paper stacked in rows:
Then we headed outside so I wouldn't get yelled at for giving Gus a cracker inside.
Then home because it is freakin hot here.

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  1. That was so fun! But you failed to mention that we actually got yelled at about four times while we were there. I never thought we of all people would be the museum rule breakers!