Tuesday, June 19, 2012

choo choos

Gus is in the stage where he is obsessed with trains. He can say trains if you ask him, but he prefers "Choo Choo."  On Memorial Day, We made our first family trip to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park since his obsession has begun.  He was pretty darn happy the whole time we were there... except when we made him get off the train and then again when we had to leave.
 While we waited for the train ride we headed over to the old pueblo playground that has been there since I was a kid.  I remember loving this stage coach.
Gus and I got put in jail.
 Then it was finally time to the train ride!
 Jimmy insisted that Gus would want to go in the cattle car (because that is what Jimmy obviously wanted) and while I was skeptical he couldn't have been happier in there.  Of course, Zach and I had to squeeze in there, too, along with about 4 other screaming 5 year old boys.
 It was pretty sad/funny when we had to get off.
 Then we headed over the indoor model trains to cool off.
I think this part is amazing!  I kind of want to hang out with all the old men and help them build miniatures.
Gus mostly wanted to see Thomas drive by (aka: "Peep Peep")
This old trolley car is also pretty fun.
We had a picnic lunch and Gus tried to run away most of the time.
 At least we stopped him before he got to the train tracks.
 "...And the Little Red Caboose always came last."


  1. you guys are the cutest! I love seeing you and your buys.

  2. You guys are so darn cute. Ev still talks about “Jimby”- I don’t know if he’ll ever shake that nickname.

  3. Thanks girls! You are too kind. I miss you guys. We will be in DC in a few weeks. Let's catch up!