Thursday, June 28, 2012

swim lessons

Once again the boys enjoyed their two weeks of swim lessons with Phoenix Parks and Rec.  
Gus had no inhibitions, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time.  He can kick, paddle, blow bubbles, and monkey-monkey on the wall.  He loves jumping in and he even will let go of the wall and go under all by himself.  Sometime he can grab the wall again himself, but not always so I guess he is very trusting that I will eventutally pick him up.  He loved the kiddie pool and found it hilarious that he could walk by himself.  He asked for popsicles pretty much everyday, but didn't get them until the last day.  I had never mentioned that popsicles would be involved, but apparently he has come to believe that are always involved with swimming. 
Jimmy was in the Red Star Class for kids that are comfortable with the water, but still have some skills to master.  He was so excited about it every day and I think he did pretty well.  I couldn't always watch him since I was in the pool with Gus, but he has definitely made some progress.   Here he is jumping in with his clothes on to test his survival skills.

He learned to dive (he is second from the left) and is actually pretty good at it.
On the last day they let him do down the big slide (seen in the back). 
He was so proud since I had told him it was only for bigger kids who were really good at swimming.
And then, of course, what Gus had been waiting for: The Popsicles.
We enjoyed having the Kerstings with us in lessons and having little picnic lunches afterwords.
For a last day of class surprise I took the boys to a Dinosaur themed McDonalds.
Jimmy was in shock and awe.  Seriously, he thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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  1. Yay swim lessons! I was so glad that I was able to join you for the last day. Love you guys!