Wednesday, February 1, 2012

snow trip to flagstaff

We made our second annual drive up to Flagstaff to find some snow on Martin Luther King Day weekend.  My Uncle Dick and Aunt Sharon were ever so generous enough to lend us their cabin for the weekend.  Unfortunately, it hadn't snowed up there in weeks and was not in the forecast.  But we took our chances and it panned out nicely.  As per usual, I took tons of pictures and had absolutely no qualms in limiting them down to a reasonable number here.
On Saturday we ate lunch at Charley's which is in the bottom of the historic Hotel Weatherford in downtown.  
Then we headed over to the train tracks with high hopes of seeing some trains.
We found this old one.
And then this real one.
And another one going the other way.
So we were not let down.
Then we headed up to the cabin.  There was one pile of snow still left out back and while it was hard and icy, the boys were still thrilled about it.  
Jimmy had fun pulling Gus around.
On Sunday we headed up to Mormon Lake to find some more snow for sledding.
My dad and Danny came up to join us.
We found a good hill and spent a good hour going up and down.
We made some snow angels.
We headed back to the cabin for some cocoa and football and we saw some deer hanging out in the back.
That night we went into town and it snowed!
So we woke up to this:
Gus loved the snow and didn't want to come in even when he started crying from his hands freezing.
(and check out Baabee's Snow Penguin in the background)
We had an awesome snowball fight.
Jimmy got one down the back of Baabee's pants.
Then we built Jimmy's first official snowman.

We had so much fun and the boys were in heaven, but eventually it was time to go inside and get cozy... which in my opinion is half the fun.
Thanks to our wonderful hosts.
Yay, Snow Trip!!!

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