Wednesday, February 22, 2012

groundhog 2012

Once again we hosted the Alumni Groundhog Party for the University of Dallas.  
As always there was lots of beer and cheeseballs so it was awesome.  
It was good to see old friends and to meet new ones.
I couldn't keep my kids aways from the Keg.  I hope it is not a sign of things to come.
We also participated in "Goundhog Without Borders" with Adam Papania in China via Google+ .....
You can't really see Adam here but he took these Screenshots of us:
Leah from the Alumni Office came to the party and brought us some UD goodies including Phil:
He has been getting lots of love in our house.
 Hope everyone had a Happy Groundhog Day.  If not, then come to my house next year.


  1. Ahh - what a fun party! We might have been able to squeeze Helen into the onesie - but your boys ended up with a UD Groundhog, can't beat that!!

  2. I think my favorite part is the "Groundhog without Borders" portion! So fun!