Sunday, February 5, 2012


Back in December sometime I noticed this awesome car driving past us on the way to church:
 I gasped with joy.  At first I was tempted to be even later to church to see where it was going, but fortunately my husband was driving so we made it to church (on time-ish).  But I was very excited when we saw it parked in front of a comic book store on the way home.  It was right by my dad's house so we got Danny and Dad to come along, too.
 It was actually a toy drive put on by a local Ghostbusters Chapter of some sort (not sure if they really think they bust ghosts or if they just think it is fun to pretend).  They were very nice, but we didn't have any toys to donate so I let Jimmy buy something small in the store to donate.
And Slimer was there, too.
 And we saw lots of interesting characters inside the store too, but these are the only ones that I let Jimmy get pictures with.
One of the girls in the store would not have been appropriate for my blog.