Thursday, February 9, 2012

dress up

We recently inherited some fun toys and things from our friends the Balints.  Jimmy got a box of Playmobiles,  more Lincoln Logs, a dinosaur lamp, and a helicopter with two propellers.  He was pretty thrilled.  They also gave us a bunch of old costumes so we had fun taking pictures with them one day.  Of course, Jimmy's favorite is this green dinosaur costume which he wore for a whole day.  He wanted to pose just like the T-Rex on his lamp:
A Merry Man and Robin Hood, perhaps:
 A Court Jester:
 A (very tough) army guy:
 A Ninja with some nice moves:
 And a Knight ready for battle:
Thanks Balint's.  I am glad your old things have found a happy home.


  1. love it!!! especially the dinosaur lamp pose. hold onto that dino costume, it's a classic and i may just need to borrow it for kiddos of my own some day far away!

    xoxox :)

  2. I am sure by the time you need it, my boys will have outgrown it, so it is yours whenever you need it. For now it is being frequently enjoyed. Miss you!

  3. whoa whoa whoa! I want the dinosaur costume!