Thursday, February 9, 2012

fun with little people

We made a major Little People set-up recently.  Then I had fun taking pictures of it all.  It made me wish I had a good camera as I struggled to get mine ti focus properly, but I still love taking pictures of toys.   I also love classic Little People and am excited about how our collection has grown recently. Ebay can be dangerous.
The Garage
The Fire Station
The Restaurant
The Barn
Sesame Street


  1. Mary-love this! Where did you guys get all the Sesame Street stuff--figures and buildings??

  2. It is just from Target a few years ago. Santa actually got it for Jimmy though. Secretly I wish I had the old school Little People one, but I can't shell out the bucks for it on Ebay, especially since we already have this one. But this one is very loved.

  3. This looks like a commercial for little people. I'd buy them