Wednesday, January 11, 2012

train park christmas lights

This was a crazy night.  Besides the fact that the week before Christmas is insane at the McCormick Railroad Park, our oven got left on at home with bread inside.  I had a vision of my house in flames.  We were very far away so I called my dad.  He didn't have his key so he broke in using the dogdoor.  I guess it was a good way to find out that robbers could also get into our house that way.  I was just glad he didn't have to break a window.  Well, he saved the day and there was no fire, just very burnt bread.  And despite the HUGE line to ride the train, we had a good time.  We got to see the new model train room for the first time.  Jimmy could have stayed in there for hours.
I love all the little tiny towns.  They have one part that is supposed to be different towns in the Phoenix area from back in the day.  
I liked the tiny McDonald's and Pizza Hut.
The line for the train ride was literally out to the parking lot and took about 2 hours to get through.  Unfortunately, when you have brought a 4 year old you really do have to wait.  It wasn't so bad because we had a big group so everyone could take turns waiting while we walked around with the kids.  It was longer than any Disneyland line, but I guess you actually have to stay in line there.  At the end when you have to stand behind the railings, Jimmy had pretty much lost his patience.  "When do we get to go on!"  At least we didn't have any last minute breakdowns. We entertained Gus by honking people's noses for at least 20 minutes.  
The Kestings came, but they were able to just take Lucia on the Carousel and call it a night.
We did end up being the first people in line for our group so we got to be on the front car closest to the engine which Jimmy was very excited about.
The ride was fun.  Jimmy, at very least, seemed to think it was worth the wait.
Here is a little secret we learned at the very end of the train ride.  The small FREE train in the back was also open and had about 15 people in line when we went past it.  WHAT?!!?!?  I wish we had known about that and saved ourselves the 2 hours.  It didn't pass as many of the lights or go through the light tunnel, but I think even Jimmy would have been okay with it.  Note to self for next year.... or when we ever venture back

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