Tuesday, January 17, 2012

christmas eve 2011

We went to the 4:00 children's mass at St. Thomas on Christmas Eve.  Thankfully we could go in two groups so I could come later with the kids and they wouldn't have to sit patiently for 45 minutes before Mass even started.  Gus usually only makes it until the first reading before Zach has to take him out anyway so waiting is not really in the cards for us.   The boys did pretty good, but at least in Jimmy's case it was probably due to the added initiative of a certain someone coming to our house that night and also the fact that he got to open a present when he got home.
We attempted a family picture, but this was the best we got:
We had a little better luck with the whole group outside.
And I had to get one with my good friend Suzanne because we were so matchy.
The boys opened their Christmas Eve present, a playmobil nativity.
(Sadly, baby Jesus has already gone missing and I fear that some little kid took him to the back yard where he is hiding in our leaves surely to get picked up by the lawn mower. We'll just have to say a prayer to St. Anthony on that one.  It is the baby Jesus after all.)
We put out milk and cookies for Santa and then promptly sent the kids to bed.
I snuck off to my cousins house for a little bit so, of course, Gus woke up.
But he managed to fall back asleep on Aunt Angie.
Then we all went to sleep so Santa could finally come.

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