Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sculpey clay

A friend of mine lent us a ton of Sculpey clay that she had gotten to make a Jesse Tree.  I was not so ambitious, but Jimmy had been asking to make things out of clay for a long time, so he was super excited to make anything (This obsession came from "Murray Had A Little Lamb" on Sesame Street by the way).  The clay was a little on the hard side for him, but he started to get the hang of it with my help.  We made a few little Christmas things that he was very proud of. 
Can you tell which are mine and which are his?
I may or may not have made the one that looks like a little poop... okay, Jimmy made it.  
He said it was a present, but I will stand by the fact that it is a poop.  
I for sure don't want to get a present that looks like that.  His "tray of candy" is pretty tempting, however.
Here are some of our cuter creations:
This one was my attempt at recreating the ornament seen in the previous post.  I have been saving walnut shells for awhile to recreate them for friends, but we will see when that ever happens.  This one doesn't have the fabric, but the clay worked pretty well.  We decided it would be a good present for our friends who lent us the clay.
Aunt Angie made it for us when Jimmy was born, but we did add the camel and a new sheep this year. 
The Christmas Duck was all her.  


  1. I think my kids would like to move in with you... expect a large package very soon.... and I mean very large...

  2. Jimmy would be so excited to get that package! .... that is as long as you left air holes and gave them snacks in the box.