Wednesday, January 11, 2012

baabee's big tree hunt

My dad usually goes to Whitfill's Nursery to get his tree.  This is fun for us because it really offers more of the full tree buying experience than Home Depot.  The trees cost more, but they sell the big ones that my dad really loves.  Also, they have free  hot cocoa, cookies, and popcorn.
They also have a fun fire pit to sit around while you wait for your tree to get cut.
Gus kept walking off by himself and sitting on the ground. He is a goofball.
We tried to get some nice pictures in the Poinsettias, but this was the closest we got. 
(Sorry Dad, all the ones where you are smiling the boys are blurry)
So my dad bargained with the people and got a really good deal on a HUGE tree.
I guess it pays to buy it close to Christmas because they are more anxious to get rid of the trees.
The only problem was getting it in the door at my Dad's house.
... and then pushing it up without bending the stand.
It was a group effort.
Then everyone helped trim the tree with Baabee's special swirly colored paper.

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  1. Too cute. Your kids are just the cutest. And seeing your Dad's happy smile makes me miss you guys. I think I need to make an Arizona trip. Maybe nine months pregnant is not the best time - but soon :)