Tuesday, January 24, 2012

boxing day 2011

Once again, we celebrated the day after Christmas with a family gathering and a big feast.
Jimmy was very excited to help Nano with the Turkey.
Gus was the center of attention, but I think the game that everyone created which involved him standing on the middle of the coffee table and then jumping to someone might not have been a good idea.   I can't keep him off of the coffee table now.
However, the snuggle game that Aunt Emmy invented is a keeper.
He also got to snag the turkey before everyone else.
We were joined by lots friends and family and all the food was great.
Zach joined the boys at the kids table.
Then we all popped our Crackers to get our to get our paper crowns, cheesy jokes, and awesome toys.
And while the traditional game of Feudal was post-poned, there was the traditional loud and crazy game of Farkle.
It was a very Happy Boxing Day indeed.


  1. So what exactly is BOXING day? I love how your two families can have so much fun together. What a blessing

  2. I have explained it the past few years so I just didn't want to be redundant. It is celebrated in England and Canada. It used to be the day the servants would have to celebrate after having to work on Christmas. The upper class used to give their servants money and other small gifts in boxes... hence "Boxing Day." My dad usually calls it Boxer Day. He wanted to change the tradition to everyone having to wear boxer shorts all day, but no one ever went for that. We say we like to celebrate it because of our Welsh heritage, but really we just want more days to celebrate and eat food