Friday, February 11, 2011

train day with mimi

Growing up in the Arcadia neighborhood in Phoenix meant that we would often drive by a certain house that had its own train track going around the rather large property.  There was also an amazing tree house visible from the road and surely many other amazing things hidden further back.  Well, thank to our dearest Mary McMahon, My sister Emily and I (oh and our kids too) finally got to experience it first hand.  Talk about living out your childhood fantasies.  It was no let down.
The house was originally a stage coach stop over a hundred years ago.  So the house itself holds so much history.  Only some of the original structure is left, but it is still very cool.  The train, however, kind of overshadows the history lesson.  Mimi's friends that own in the house were kind enough to get the train going and give us all a few rides.  It has its own little train stop and water tower and tunnel.  
The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. Jack did actually state that this was the coolest house ever and that he wanted to live there (and we never even had to go inside).  
And well, Jimmy sure loves trains so he was in heaven.
He was probably most excited that this train had a "FaFaFa."
That is the name he made up for the front grill on a train that looks like this:
Aunts Cathy and Nat were also fortunate enough that they arrived in Phoenix early enough to tag along.
... and Gus loved it too, of course.
There were even engineer hats for the kids,
And for the last ride the kids all climbed in the little red caboose.

And Mimi (because she is the best Mimi ever!) managed to squeeze in with them all.  
They love her so much!!! I can't really blame them.  
Even if she didn't take them to do awesome stuff like this, she would still be the best ever.
But the coolness didn't end there.  Their pool had a rock water slide, a waterfall, a cave and a jacuzzi built into the rocks.  Jack wants to come back in the summer.  Finn was ready to jump in right then.
And here is the tree house I was talking about.  THREE STORIES!!!
Small children definitely need to be supervised, but it is undeniably cool.
And Gus got some Mimi love while everyone else climbed up. 
Thanks to Mimi and her friends!
Now if I can just get Jimmy to stop asking when we get to go back.

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  1. I don't even care if Caroline gets to go or not, can you take me here???