Friday, February 18, 2011

everybody loves gus

Gus got lots of love over the holidays with all of Zach's family in town.  He got to meet his grandpa and two more aunties and his soon to be uncle.   How could they not all love this little face?
 With Nano
With Nana
(check out that mohawk!)
With Ben and Michelle
With Aunts Cathy and Nat
 With Aunt Angie
And he got plenty of love from my side of the family, too.  
Uncle Danny is the only one I have represented in a picture though.
And perhaps, Jimmy loves him best of all... along with Mom and Dad of course.
(Note: This one is from when Gus was 1 month old.)
He's a cute little bugger.


  1. "Oh, look at us, we're Zach and Mary. We have TWO really cute kids and we blog about them all the time." Did you two ever stop and think about the bar you're setting for everyone else? Thanks a lot. Thanks a whole effing lot! Guess what? We're gonna have three kids. And they're gonna have their own YouTube channel.

    Oh, and I miss you guys. There, I said it. :)

  2. Adorable! I love the picture of him sleeping on Danny!!

  3. Oh, Devin. Don't even try to compete. You are just setting yourself up for failure. I mean you and Leslie are attractive and all, but lots of times that actually leads to ugly kids (not for Zach and I of course,but we just lucked out). Oh, and we are having at least four kids and they are all going to be on real TV. Don't get me wrong, you should still try. Second best in the world is still something to strive for. And your blog has been at the bottom of my blog list for too long anyway. Maybe if you start to have kids you will have something to blog about.

    Oh, and we miss you guys too.

  4. Leslie says "Oh, it is on! It is on like Donkey Kong!" So I think she may have just picked up the procreation gauntlet. Which is cool with me...

    You may be right on one point, though. We are far too attractive. We have likely doomed our children to be hideous. :)

  5. Seriously, everybody really does love Gus. To Lucia, every baby is called Gus now.