Thursday, February 24, 2011

christmas 2010

Is there anything better than that feeling of waking up on Christmas morning?
At first Jimmy was really excited and wanted to run down the hall.  Then he got a little bit shy and needed me to go out with him.  There were a lot of people watching after all.  His "Big Buzz Lightyear that talks" was waiting for him, but he was also very surprised to find other presents.  He was holding out hope that he had been good enough to get the one thing he asked for; he must have thought an often naughty boy such as himself wouldn't be getting much else.  Little did he know that was just the beginning of it.  

Here is what Jimmy and Gus woke up to this year.
(Yeah, Santa doesn't wrap presents around here)

Next year, Zach is going to ask Santa to let toys come already out of the difficult to open packaging.
Good Old Woody came out of Jimmy's room to meet his new best friend/rival.

Then Jimmy noticed a tricycle from Nano and Nana hiding behind the easel.  It was pretty funny because he was on his way to give Zach his stocking and stopped very confused by what he had just found.  When he realized it was something else for him, he got really excited and drove it around the house for awhile.  The stocking never made it over to Dad.
 Gus got this swing from Nano and Nana and spent most of the morning in it.
 Jimmy wanted to get painting as soon as possible on his easel.
 Then after breakfast some people took naps and others headed outside to practice riding.
These next two are nice action shots of Baabee tripping over Jimmy.
 Some of the Weisse Aunties.
(Note: Natalie's awesome sweater)
 Me with Dad,, Danny, and Erin.
 Me and my boys.
 Jimmy's Loot
 Zach gave Jimmy his old Lego Castle. It is the reason he stayed up very late on Christmas Eve. It actually became a Boxing Day Present since there was just too much going on Christmas Day and we wanted him to have time to actually sit and play with it when he first opened it.  Jimmy really couldn't believe that he was still getting something else.  
 This Safari set is what I picked out for Jimmy. I couldn't resist Playmobiles on sale at Costco!
When Jimmy opened it he said, "Mom, it's your favorite!"... I guess I had been telling him how cool I thought it was when we were at Costco.  I may or may not have been trying to brain wash him.  I foresee lots of future Christmases for Jimmy and Gus where Dad gets them Legos and Mom gets them Playmobile.  We sort of have a constant war over which is better.  Of course, it is Playmobile.
 Gus and his loot.
What cute, happy (and sleepy) boys!
We went over to Emily's House on Christmas night to see the cousins and McMahons.
It was a very Merry Christmas and I wouldn't change a second of it.


  1. hooray Christmas! That was most perfectly chronicled. And I'm happy to have a shout out for my beautiful sweater!

  2. playmobils, legos. playmobils, legos.

    i vote neither. barbies!!!! :D

  3. If only I have girls (or at least one) someday then there will be lots of that going on Cory. I have save A LOT!... hence I will probably never have girls.

  4. Legos for building, Playmobiles for playing.