Sunday, February 27, 2011

boxing day 2010

The day after Christmas we all headed to Mass and managed to get a complete Weisse Family picture.
 The Taber tradition of recent years is to do our big holiday meal on Boxing Day because we like to remember our Welsh heritage, but mostly because we are too busy on Christmas Day and we love any excuse to keep the celebration going.  This year we had it at my house for the first time.  Everyone helped make side dishes and we made a ham and Pete deep fried a turkey.
 And of course the boys had their annual game of Feudal.  I may have spoken of it before, but it is a giant version of an old game my dad used to have that is sort like chess and risk rolled into one all night man party.  The boys are obsessed and very competative about it.   Pete's brother Al and his friends come and this year when Al was in Ireland he made a wish at the Blarney Castle that he would win Feudal this year (Zach, Pudge, Danny, and Ian are the reigning champs).  Here they are setting it up on opposite sides of the sheet (which takes at least an hour in itself).
 Dinner was delicious and we did our traditional crowns, but this year they were homemade.
 There were some intense games of Farkle going on inside, but nothing as intense as this:
Zach came into bed when the sun was coming up and apparently they didn't have a winner due to some rule technicality.  They are crazy.

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