Monday, February 21, 2011

christmas eve 2010

So yeah, it is February I am just getting to Christmas.  Deal with it.  There is lots to cover. 

On Christmas Eve, Nana made a roast and we had a little family dinner before Mass.
Then we headed to St. Thomas for the 7:00 Mass.  It was nice except that Father Chris gave the same sermon as last year word for word.... and it wasn't funny last year even though he seems to think it is.  Could he really not think of anything new to say, is he that lazy, or did he just think it was so good that he wanted anyone who missed it to get a chance to hear him reference Clark Griswald and Christmas Carols by Wham? The nativity scene was the same as always, but somehow that is okay and this was not.  Am I a bad person to complain about this?  
Anyway, we got a family photo of the Weisses that were there.
The Kerstings were there, too.
 And the good little babies were asleep by the end.
And while this photo is a little blurry, it really helps sum up how excited Jimmy and surely all the other kids in the whole place were when Mass was over.
And then it was time for "The Night Before Christmas" and going to sleep on the air mattress in Mom and Dad's room so we could make more room for our guests.  Of course, he took extremely long to fall asleep and even snuck out into the living room, which he never does.  Good thing all the present wrapping was out of sight.  
Then Zach and I stayed up way too late getting everything ready for the Big Day!


  1. You know, in six months - when he learns to read, use computers, and Google himself - this post will pretty much ruin Jimmy's sense of Christmas wonder. So will this comment. Damn.

  2. If you are letting Jimmy use a computer in 6 months that I will ruin your sense of wonder Zach.....


  3. I wonder if Fr. Chris googles himself, Wham or Clark Griswald?

  4. Shoot! I am just getting myself in all kinds of trouble here. In my defense, while I will not be letting Jimmy read the blog anytime soon, I think that parents have plenty of things to do on Christmas Eve without helping Santa with anything. I admit no fault in my words. However, I would be thrilled if Jimmy could read in the next six months, but I am pretty sure Zach is getting his hopes up there.
    As for Fr. Chris, he probably Googles all of those things at the same time and this blog entry is the only place on the internet that they would all come up. And then it will be a Wendy the Librarian situation all over again, except that this time I will have to see him all he time at Church and end up having to switch parishes. Just for the record, I like Fr. Chris, which is all the more reason I was disappointed.

  5. Okay, I just Googled: Father Chris Clark Griswold Wham
    Our Blog was the first thing to come up.