Saturday, October 2, 2010

yellow bathroom

Well, since Zach and Jimmy both got rooms in their favorite colors, I figured I needed one in mine.  It was really tough to pick the right color to compliment the tile and the first color I picked out was a disaster.  When I put it on the wall, it looked fluorescent and I freaked out.  Fortunately, I had bought the paint at Ace Hardware and they told me I could come back to fix it or they would let me pick out new paint (this time).  Two very nice paint ladies helped me correct the paint and got it to a much better shade and I was very grateful.  I also picked out a funky sage color for the cabinets to compliment the green tiles in the bathtub, but I was pleased with how that looked. 

For some reason this tiny bathroom took me weeks in comparison to the days the other two rooms took me.  I guess I was feeling more tired and less motivated and Jimmy's nap-time was usually my nap-time instead of paint time, but it also had a lot more detail work that seemed to linger forever.  The ceiling is still not technically done, but that is because it needs to be replastered in a spot that there was a leak (Note to husband:  If you do this as a surprise for me one day, I will love you forever... I know I already promised this to you, but it seems like the best thing I've got to give since I am not buying you the phone you want anytime soon).  Still I feel like I accomplished something, especially because I actually ended up framing and hanging a bunch of "Maps of the World" that I had from an old calendar.  I was pleased with how they looked and now the bathroom is sometimes referred to as "The Map Room." 

Here it is on the day we moved in (I do love all the tile and the green tub):
Here is a process shot which helps show the difference between the old and new color.  I don't know who picked all the colors in this house before we lived there, but for some reason they thought that "neutral" fleshy tones looked good in every room.  This color next to yellow and green tile was awful!
The lighting in here makes it difficult to really capture what it looks like, but here is the basic finished product:
My maps (all framed and matted for around $30 which isn't too bad):
The end... for now.


  1. Yes, my list of things to do before the baby comes is still pretty long and the baby could technically be coming at any moment. I have come to terms with the fact that most of it won't get done, but alas I will try to do what I can... like unpack baby clothes for one.

  2. That is THE. BEST. BATHROOM. EVER. I've been on a map kick lately and I love it....nice shower curtain too (wink, wink).