Friday, October 15, 2010

the farm at marlette acres

This a farm that is right on 15th Ave so we can easily walk to it from our house.  It is a good destination for our neighborhood walks.  There are lots of donkeys, goats, chickens, and I think two ponies. 
There is a sign saying that you can feed the animals fruits and vegetable so I try save some of our scraps to make the trip more entertaining.  
 The goats are surprisingly picky... aren't they supposed to eat trash?  
Well they don't seem to like asparagus or lettuce very much.
The donkeys and ponies will eat everything we give them, but I get scared they might eat Jimmy's fingers sometimes.
 Jimmy loves when the windmill actually spins... which of course is not frequently enough.
 And what little boy doesn't love a tractor?
Thanks to the people that own this farm.  
I don't know you my neighbors, but I appreciate what you add to our neighborhood.

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  1. the farm is still there. 6 years later? It's wonderful. they are a rescue farm.