Sunday, October 17, 2010

macdonald ranch pumpkin patch

We recently get a Groupon ticket for MacDonald's Ranch in Scottsdale to go to their pumpkin patch... well, I mean, they don't really grow pumpkins there, but it is more exciting for the kids then getting pumpkins at the grocery store.  It is really more like a goofy western town with a petting zoo and pony rides and then you take a hay ride to go pick out your pumpkin.
 Jimmy learned some rope tricks.
He has also learned a new smile where he says "cheese" so hard that it looks like his whole face is hurting.
 The cow at the petting zoo wasn't up for much petting.
 Neither was this pig, but no loss there.
 He finally got to touch the donkeys and thought it was really funny.
Then we took the Hayride.
 And picked out two pumpkins.
 And then the Mules took us back.
All in all it was fun, but I was happy that we got out tickets at half price, otherwise I may have thought it not quite worth the money especially since you have to buy your pumpkins in addition to your admission.  It was more fun because the Kerstings were with us.  It was actually extremely dead while we were there because we went during the week.  The weekends are supposed to be crazy so I was happy to avoid crowds, but it probably would have been a little more lively.  We should have done the pony ride to really make it worth the price, but we saved it for the end and I think Jimmy and Zach were both pretty spent at that point.  Jimmy is excited to carve the pumpkins, but we will wait a bit for that to make sure they last until Halloween.  At least it is finally feeling cooler here.  
I love this time of year!

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  1. In one of the pictures it looks like you smuggled out an extra pumpkin. OK, not too original, but it really does look like that.