Monday, October 4, 2010

what color next?

So my nesting hormones are still in full force, but the list of things to do before the baby comes just doesn't seem to be getting done.  Since it could be any day now, I have come to terms with lots of my projects not getting done soon, but I will keep thinking about them and soliciting help wherever I can get it.  Our living room is next on my list of things to paint.  I want to do it a dark grayish color, but don't know how dark I should go.  Mostly I want something that will give some good contrast and not clash with all the furniture.  Since all the furniture pieces in this room are hand-me-downs (literally we didn't buy one single thing which is kind of impressive), I might be wanting to recover some down the road and hopefully get some new ones at some point, so I really don't want to make any bold color decisions based on what is in the room right now.  Gray seems like the right thing to me.

Here is our living room on the day we moved in:
Some shots taken awhile back:

Should I paint this door black or white, if the walls are gray?
(I actually just want a new door that is made of wood and not hallow)

This is pretty much it today except that I have hung a few more pictures and am too lazy to take another picture.
At least this room doesn't completely drive me bonkers, but the back wall is a slightly darker shade than the rest and there are lots of patchy spots where someone covered up holes and repainted something that didn't match.  I wish I had time to do it right now, but I know I cannot undertake that and Zach certainly doesn't have time either.  I will keep dreaming and envisioning it in my head along with knocking out the wall to the kitchen and making an island.  Of course, doing that may be way down the road at this point so I will also be living with yellow/orange color in the kitchen until we do it.  If I can just force myself to make some new curtains in that kitchen then I can get rid of my good friends "the chickens."  But alas, my crafty mind has already begun to worry about Halloween costumes.

It is so fun to own my own house and be able to do these things.  I really do love my house and appreciate it so much.  Whenever, I get overwhelmed with all the things we need to do to it, I just remind myself of how blessed we are and thank God for putting us in the perfect home for us.  It was worth the wait.


  1. I am highly jealous of all your painting!!!! you really transformed the bathroom with color! Way to go! Can't wait until I live somewhere I can paint. We currently have a kitchen that is the color of baby poo - not ideal.

  2. I vote white since my walls are gray and I have a white door. Also if you want a new door you can buy one for super cheep at this place called stardust. It is a refurb store, basically a thrift store for him furnishings. That is where we bought our front door, for $20.00. Of course we had to hand it and all that but if you can find on with the same measurements it is totaly worth it!!!!In fact I am going to call you