Monday, May 3, 2010


What do you do with a two year old the week before he knows he gets to go to Disneyland? He told me nearly everyday that he wanted to go to Disneyland "Right now!" I tried explaining the whole process of driving "a long time" to California and getting to play at the beach and then going to Disneyland the next day. He kind of got it, but maybe next time I take me kids I will just wake them up and surprise them. My mom once woke us up and asked, "Do you want to go to Disneyland or school?" and we all still remember that morning to this day. It was pure genius. However, there was some fun in the anticipation. We talked a lot with the Burch kids about what ride we would go on first (Dumbo of course) and all the characters we wanted to see. Jimmy would ask me to tell him about it everyday and just sit and imagine. I only wish I knew what was going on in his little brain. The picture below is blurred, but I think that only helped to capture his overall excitement.

I found an old Mickey ears hat of mine and gave it to Jimmy. He loved it for awhile until I explained that it said "Mary" on the back and then he decided he had to have one of his own once we got there. I love how much Jimmy loves the classic Disney characters like Mickey and Goofy because I felt like for awhile kids only cared about newer characters. I guess Mickey Mouse Playhouse has helped bring back their popularity, but since we don't watch that I guess I just have YouTube to thank.
We drove to CA on Monday April 12 after Aunt Angie arrived. The couple of hours that it took us to get everything organized and in the car was rather painful for Jimbo because once again he wanted to go "Right now" but he was a pretty good sport once we were in the car. The Disney CDs I made were helpful in keeping him happy.
We stopped for dinner at In and Out Burger (basically we were still in the Metro Phoenix area, but it already felt like a long trip to Jimmy). As usual, it was perfect California road trip cuisine and it helped keep Jimmy happy as well. Hmmm... it is sounding good as I type this. I would go get some if I lived closer to it. I guess it is probably a good thing that I don't.

Then it was off to sleep in the car and off to the beach!

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