Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One of the few plants in our yard that we have actually been happy with is a rose bush in the front yard. I didn't even realize it was a rose bush when we bought the house and then all of a sudden rose buds started popping up this spring and I got to enjoy them. I think they are on their last leg this time of year, but about a month ago they were beautiful. Good thing I took pictures then.


  1. aww, so pretty! that ivy on the front of the house reminds me of 4585 e. calle redonda. remember when we used to play that weather game?

  2. yesss! I had forgotten. We will have to teach that to Jimbo!

  3. Beautiful yard, and beautiful roses. I love roses, but they are one of the few flowers that Janet just can't stand. It's the thorns. I think the thorns remind her of .... me?
    Anyway, the picture of Jimmy taking time to smell the roses makes me very, very happy!