Sunday, May 30, 2010

finn's third

Finn's third birthday was a few weeks ago and Emily threw him a Peter Pan Party (This past year has been quite filled with a love of Peter Pan by all our kids). It was costume optional, but of course Finn sported Jack's old Peter Pan costume, and Jimmy insisted (despite my lectures about the heat and pleas to get him to be an Indian) that I get out his "Pink Michael Jammies" so that he could have one last hurrah as Michael Darling.

The Photo Booth Emily set up:
They played Pin-the-Tail-On-Peter-Pan's-Hat...
But Jimmy refused to be blind folded so he did pretty well.
Jimmy was so excited to give Finn the number one thing on his wish list:
A Crocodile.
Eating cupcakes is always a highlight as well.
As is hogging the birthday boy's new gifts.
We had a great time and we love you Finn!
(Check out more at Emily's Blog)

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  1. I am only slightly jealous that this party looks way cooler thna any party I have ever gone to as an adult and a child. This would be so much fun to go to! Only slightly jealous