Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So if you give your kid a box of crayons and paper at the table while you are trying to wash the dishes, it is probably a good idea to look over at them every now and then, especially if they are being very quite and playing unusually nice. Better yet, make sure you clear the table of things you don't want them playing with such as a Black Sharpie.

He managed to miss his clothes which was appreciated by me and he was actually rather proud of his art work. He was however confused later when Zach was trying to scrub it off in the bath and it wouldn't come off at all. He said, "Daddy take it off!" It has been a few days now since this incident and I can still see some faded marks. Of course, my first instinct when I realized what was happening was too shout "NO!" Then I quickly I realized that it doesn't really matter that much and it actually was pretty funny, so I calmed down and told him that was not a marker that he is allowed to use and he was fine with that. Then I noticed he had been decorating our dining table with the marker as well as crayon so again I had to explain that we only write on paper. Fortunately, it is a black table, but you can still see it. At least this might give me the motivation to re-paint the top black since it has been looking a little shabbie lately anyway. So thanks Jimmy... but not really.

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  1. now if he could just draw a mustache and some glasses on himself you would never know it was him :)