Sunday, April 18, 2010

sugar bowl

The Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale has long been a favorite of my family. It is just a fun old ice cream parlor and restaurant and it sort of take you back in time... which, of course, I always like. I do often wish I grew up in the 1950s after all. It was the place my grandma would always take us for a special treat. So when Jimmy's grandma was in town, we decided to take her there for a special treat... well, okay it was mostly for Jimmy, but we loved watching him eat his ice cream almost as much as we loved eating ours (my favorite Cookies and Cream in the world, by the way).

And after that we had to say goodbye to Nana. We were sad to see her go.

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  1. I love old time ice cream parlors. It's seems in my neck of the woods all we have are coldstones and Dairy Queens..