Sunday, April 11, 2010

gardening with nana

So we have been doing lots of yard work lately seeing as our yard has no grass and is kind of a mess. Hopefully I will have "Before and After" pictures at some point, but we still need to plant grass so the yard will start looking nice. While Nana was here she helped us plant lots of flowers and did so much work I don't even know how to thank her (fortunately she likes it so I don't have to feel too bad). We have been slowly working on a little garden on the side of our house for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I didn't really take any "before" pictures, but when we moved in this little side patio was just a mess of extra bricks and cinder blocks and a really ugly palm tree that we ripped out. It also has a big spot with no tile where there used to be a hot-tub, which we don't really know how to fix. We used the cinder blocks to make a compost bin and we turned an old fountain that was left behind into a planter. They left lots of pots behind and we bought some new ones. Its not all the way there yet, but it is looking much better.

This first picture was early in the process:
... And this is what it looks like now:

We went on lots of trips to the nursery with Nana...
She bought Zach a Ruby Red Grapefruit tree as an early birthday present.
And she bought me four white adirondack chairs as a very early birthday present.
And she helped Jimmy pick lots of oranges to squeeze.
Jimmy has learned from the best. He loves watering and taking care of all his new plants.

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