Sunday, April 11, 2010

easter time

We had a very nice Easter this year because Zach's mom was in town. So even though Zach and I were both sick with colds and we had lots of things to do, Jimmy was in heaven so everything seemed to be okay. He couldn't have been more in love with his Grandmother and he wanted to occupy her time most of the time. He would often tell me to leave when he wanted to play with just her... which actually wasn't that bad (especially if it was early in the morning and I got to go back to sleep). Here are some of our pictures from Easter Day. We woke up and Jimmy immediately looked out the window to find eggs in the yard. This was the first year he really understood the whole thing, so he was pretty excited. We went to mass at St. Thomas and then came back for brunch at my house with my dad, Erin, and Danny. Nana made a strata and I made Orange Rolls, Banana Bread, and, of course, Bacon. Then we took some nice naps in order to recover in time for a delicious dinner at Emily's house. Basically, we ate all day, but I think that is what Jesus would want.

hmmm.... where are they?
Found one!
Tasting the treats.
Unloading the loot.
Jimmy attempting to blow bubbles.
At Mass (what a grump!... he really wanted a sprinkle donut)
Me and my boys.
Brunch. Delicious.
Jesus is Risen!!

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