Wednesday, August 12, 2015

holy week 2015

We had another blessed and eventful Holy Week this year.  
Here are a few of the things we did to help us focus on the true meaning of the season...
Holy Thursday
On this day, we try to remember the Last Supper.
The kids and I made unleavened bread to eat with our seder meal.
(Don't mind that Nora is putting the dough in her eye).
We did this earlier in the week since Thursday usually gets a little busy.  I tried two different recipes and I much preferred this crispier buttery one to this softer one with honey.  The kids put their initials into their own special pieces.
I have started another tradition of making Resurrection Rolls with friends.
First the kids dip their marshmallow (which represents Jesus- no disrespect meant) into butter (oils) and cinnamon (spices).
Then the kids wrap the marshmallow in a cresent roll (linen clothes).  It now looks something like a tomb so we put them in the oven and close the door like we are sealing the tomb.  Then the kids go pretend to go to sleep...
We wake them up (with a rooster's crow) and they can go check on the tombs, but the moms (soldiers) are guarding it (but we let them turn on the light for a little peak).  Then they go back to sleep and we wake them again.  Since it is now the third day they go to the tomb and find that the Jesus inside is gone.  All the tombs they made are empty.  Jesus rose from the dead!  It may sound a little silly, but it is such a great way to teach children the story in a fun and hands-on way.
They are also delicious so then we get to eat them.
 We also did a little craft to remind us how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  We made paint foot prints of all the kids.  As you can imagine with lots of kids and moms this was a mess, but we managed pretty well and the moms all took turns washing the paint off their kid's feet. Then the kids got to add the "water" to their own painting...
That night our family all took turns washing each other's feet again.  
Gus washed Nora's,  Jimmy washed Gus', Mom washed Jimmy's, and Dad washed Mom's.
Then we had our second annual Christian Seder Meal.  
We didn't make lamb this year, but it was still very special and the kids enjoyed our special feast.  
Good Friday
We have made it our Good Friday tradition to go to Stations of the Cross at Mount Claret around noon.  They have outdoor stations that take you along a desert trail.  It was much hotter this year than the rainy day we got last year, but it was also very beautiful and peaceful.  The kids got tired and hot, but they survived and I think it is good for them.
We usually try to rest until 3:00 when Jesus died on the cross.
Then we put our Jesus into our homemade tomb...
Then we sealed it up with a big rock...
Holy Saturday
This is the day we usually dye eggs and do lots of chores in preparation for Easter.
The Easter decorations replace the Lent decorations and we get ready for the most important day of the year.

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