Tuesday, August 18, 2015

boyscout camping trip to sedona

We love camping and had been talking about going for ages, but we just kept putting it off.  Jimmy's Boy Scout trip to Sedona gave us the much needed push to get going.  The red rocks of Sedona are always worth the trip... even if it rains the whole time.
It was fun being there with lots of other families we know and friends of Jimmy's.
The campsite was really nice and right along a creek which was fun.
The boys mostly just threw lots of rocks into the water, but they seemed to think it was endless fun.
I was just glad Jimmy was not in a different group of boys that all decided to get soaking wet by walking into the creek fully clothed.  None of us needed more help getting wet.
Because it rained pretty much the whole time...
Jimmy and Zach got in a fun little hike to look at some caves with a friend and his dad.
But like I said, it pretty much rained the whole time so we became rather limited in what we could do. 
Some friends had a pop-up camper that we were able to hang out in a little bit.
The kids were troopers and thought it was still pretty fun... mostly.
There was certainly some complaining.
We managed to have dinner under someone else's shelter.  Beany-weenies and corn-on-the-cob...  Other than a large bucket of cheeseballs that someone brought, this may have been the highlight.
And then they ate smores in the rain...
After eating the kids were pretty much soaked through and done for the night even though it was not nearly their bedtime.  I took them all to the car and got them out of their wet muddy clothes and into their jammies.  Then Zach carried them one by one to the tent.  I don't completely remember how Zach and I got into dry clothes, but it happened somehow.  I pretty much stopped taking any pictures at this point so here is one from when we first set-up the tent and everyone was still happy...
We got settled in the tent only to realize that no one had peed so we carefully took the boys to the bushes (in the rain) and I got to visit the lovely latrines (in the rain).  Back in the tent everything finally settled down.  Nora woke up a few times during the night, but it wasn't too bad.  It was pretty cold, but we survived.  The next morning loaded up as soon as we could and headed to a local breakfast joint to let other people cook for us in a nice warm building.  We were able to laugh about it all and look back on it as a good time... or at least an adventure.

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